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Camp NaNo Recap, I’m writing a sad book

Hello everyone,
I hope you didn’t miss me too much last month. I actually enjoyed the break from blogging a little (Enough that this post is late), but I’m glad to be back again.
I just managed to reach my goal of 21,000, without too much hard work. Last July I had a goal of 18,000 and wrote 20,139. I wrote about one third by hand and just under a third was brainstorming and notes. Since I hadn’t had enough time to plan before hand, I allowed myself to count that.

I felt the writing was a little less smooth than it had been previously. Some days it was an effort to come up with something to write, but I know I didn’t actually spend as much time per day as I did last time. I love doing some of the writing on the computer. Those times happen when it’s evening and you’ve barely written anything, and when they do it’s much easy to catch up by typing. I haven’t given up on writing by hand though. I still love that too.

On the story development front, I really just got some important things fleshed out. I’ve still got a way to go though. I had been exploring the basic idea behind Girl of the Rumours for almost a year and a half when I started writing. Even then the story has changed dramatically throughout the first draft. This time I hadn’t thought about it a lot, until a month before starting.

I hadn’t thought about the mood of Lady of Courage much, but it certainly wasn’t supposed to be tragic. It still isn’t really, but I do plan to have some simply wonderful characters die. When I actually realized that I was going to make people very attached to a particular character and then rip them away I almost cried. But it has to happen for the story to go the way I intend at the moment. Of course since I haven’t actually written it yet, there is still a chance that they will survive, but it’s highly unlikely.

This month I’m planning to begin rewrites for Girl of the Rumours. I read thought most of the first draft on Monday. The beginning will need to be completely rewritten, because I’m changing a few characters and the way in which certain events happen. The layer parts however have some bits that I love and will be able to mostly reuse.

I’m not exactly sure how working on two books at the same time is going to work, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. If any of you have some tips they would be very welcome.

How was your April? If you did Camp NaNo how did it go? I’d love to hear.

I Made a Mock Cover

Surprise post because I had something worth mentioning. 
On Monday I didn’t get as much written as I would have liked. I do have a reason though, I made a mock cover for Lady of Courage. It’s not really what I’d like for the finished book but I spent enough time fiddling with one main photo with a few extra bits.

And here it is.

And this is my original image.

I used ACDSee to change to colour and the fonts are Old English Text and Goudy Medieval.
And I did manage to catch up on my writing, so everything is good. Except I’ll have to keep going. Which is also good, because I do want the book finished.
I hope you all are going well with your writing or whatever else you do.

I’m going to Camp NaNo

Next month I’m doing camp NaNoWriMo. If you don’t know what that is you can visit the website: campnanowrimo.org, or read my explanation.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (though I think it should be international). In the month of November people all over the world try to write a 50,000 word first draft. I have never done it. In the months of April and July there are smaller writing challenges where you set you own goal and these are called camps. if you wish you may be part of a small group of writers called a cabin that provide each other with accountability and encouragement.
I kicked off my first book by doing Camp NaNo July last year.My target word count was 18,000 and my final word count was 20,139. This time I’m aiming for 21,000 words, which is an average of 700 words per day.
Because of this I will be posting sporadically if at all next month. I’ll mostly likely put update on Facebook and Google+ every so often though and I’ll certainly tell you all about how I went at the end. If you like you can check on my progress here.
Aunt Valentina
I’m still working on my preparation for writing. The plot is thickening though, character connection and motivations are emerging and sometimes I feel like this story is going to be great. Yesterday I discovered that there has been a 5 year feud between tow of the realms and that Selvarrans are rather superstitious. Also Aunt Valentina is someone-else’s aunt as well. 
I don’t think I’ve introduced Aunt Valentina yet. She is Natalia’s uncles wife and one of those wealthy, overbearing, middle aged women, who seems to grumble about everything. Not that I’ve ever known of any people of that sort who weren’t fictional.
I hope you all have a lovely month, while I’m gone. Are any of you doing Camp NaNo?

A Few World-building Pictures

Sometimes it’s hard to find something to write. I started two posts before this one, but they weren’t going anywhere. SoI thought I’d write a little bit about the world building I’ve been doing in the last few weeks.

My setting is inspired partially by medieval Italian maritime republics. I have port cities and islands. I wish I had a map to show you, but my drawing isn’t that great and trying to make it look nice just makes it harder to get anything down.

I have three republics, Vecoa, Trione and Fison, and two duchies, Selvarra  and Doranto. Here are a few of my inspiration pictures.


Now I’ll see if I can tell you which picture belong to which place. The first one is for Vecoa, the second may be Doranto, the third could be anywhere, the fourth is Fison and the fifth could be Selvarra, but I think it’s actually the Palazzo Selva in Vecoa. It was built to be reminiscent of Selvarra though, hence the name. It was built by Fedrigo Rizzetti, for his bride Claudia Hadri of Selvarra.

I hope you enjoyed that. I you want to see more little bits of my story creation you can follow my Facebook page. And if you don’t have Facebook you can still have a look. I may have another post before next Tuesday, but we will have to see about that.

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