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Editing Services

So you want to write an excellent book.  A culture changing book, or maybe just a fun heart touching book.

I have a passion for stories and for people. Narrative is one of the most powerful ways to touch a person’s life. But a story is hard to get right. The idea may be excellent, but perfect is hard to achieve. I know I haven’t done it yet.

Let me help you. I have experience with beta-reading, story knowledge from hundreds of books, and an eye for catching typos and bad grammar in other people’s work. I’ve read enough great stories with bad editing, that if I love your story concept, I’ll do my best.

My prices are flexible especially if you want more than one type of editing. Look over it to see what you want, then use the contact form at the bottom.

Critique/ Story Analysis (The Rough Shaping)

$0.002 per word ($100 for 50,000 words)

Do you need some feedback on what’s working in your story and what’s not? Or an idea of where the pacing, structure, or characters might be off?

I will read your manuscript and give you 3-5 pages of notes followed by  discussion via Google Hangouts or email.


Line edit (The Smoothing Stage)

$0.007/word ($350 for 50,000 words)

I go through every line and paragraph of your story and suggest ways to improve word choice, sentence structure, character expression and readability. This is the process that really makes the difference between a good story that doesn’t quite make it and one that is pleasurable in style.

I will make every effort to discover and work with your writing voice, while improving it. I will be willing to discuss sections you think still are not working right.


Proofread (The Final Polish)

$0.003/word ($150 for 50,000 words)

I read through your manuscript, catch typos, grammar mistakes and anything that doesn’t make sense.


What I want to edit:

I prefer fantasy stories, and stories with a faith element. If I’m going to put my best into improving your book, it’s got to be something I’m excited about. I will consider contemporary if there’s something especially unique in the concept. The same with historical.

I’ll also do non-fiction if the topic interests me.

What I won’t edit:

If your book has sex scenes, gratuitous violence or coarse language, I will not edit it.

Pure romance bores me. Horror creeps me out a bit. Strong magic makes me a bit uneasy.

If you you’re not sure where you book falls regarding this, send me a thorough description and I will let you know if I’m okay with it.


Editing Inquiry

Introducing GiraffeCrafts


My friend Kendra has just launched a new website for Indie authors. She’s offering a range of service’s there and will also host future Indie E-cons through GiraffeCrafts. I’m quite excited by this. (Though I admit sometimes I wish she’d just focus on writing her books.)

What Kendra says about GiraffeCrafts:

GiraffeCrafts is a company dedicated to the promotion of good, clean Indie Fiction. The main site isn’t up yet – stay tuned for that later this month, but for now you can check out the blog where I’ll be posting writing advice (because half the battle in marketing is having a book WORTHY of reading) as well as advice for editing, publishing, and marketing. Do stop by and have a visit – and consider becoming a contributor or joining my blogger and reviewer teams.

Happy writing!

The GiraffeCrafts blog can be found here.

Kendra says a whole lot more on her main blog, Knitted By God’s Plan.

She’s also giving away one free blog tour which can be redeemed at a later date. (In case you don’t have a book coming out in the next couple of months.)

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You can follow GiraffeCrafts on FacebookTwitter,  and Pinterest.

Kendra also started a weekly writing podcast called The Rough Giraffe Show. You can find it on Eagle’s Nest Broadcasting which she shares with her dad.

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