The Verlisi War series

This wasn’t meant to be a series, just a single book. But I had ideas for another story, but they wouldn’t all fit in just one more book. So now I have three and possibly I should call it a trilogy.

Girl of the Rumours

Status: First Draft finished and revisions beginning.

Some tales might be better left alone…

Aydel knew she was meant for more than a life of solitude, but the realization that she resembles a chief’s stolen daughter  is  a little too crazy even for her to believe. However as she learns of this girl’s expected role in rescuing the common people from oppression and raids by the crazy Dlinaati, Aydel  can only see one good choice. She must become this girl.

With the help of the freedom fighting spy who discovered her, Aydel flees to the heart of the forest.  Once there she seeks for allies before continuing onward to ask her father, the chief, for his aid. But when friends start acting like enemies and her sister is endangered by the Dlinaati, she starts to wonder if she did the right thing at all. Can she be a deliverer, while not being honest with even herself?

This was meant to be a bit of a parody about a girl who thought she was in a fairytale, but of course things actually turn out more like real life. It kept turning in a more serious story with higher stakes and deeper themes. It has little elements from Rapunzel (or Tangled) and Robin Hood as well as trying to twist fantasy cliches. And it has female brigands, and parrots, and tiny dragons, and endangered wild cats you’re not allowed to kill, but still want to put scratches all over your arms.

A Brigand No Longer

Status: A mess of outlining, and some drafting.

A sequel to Girl of the Rumours about Joane, one of the brigands. Well at least she’s a brigand in the first book. Also it has got more of Aydel in it and many other characters. And there is a war going on. And I’m dealing with refugees and multiple languages.

Book Three

Status: I have lots of ideas.

I can’t say much about this. It has prisoners, a girl named Carla and more politics and Just War theory. At one time it was going to have hints of Cinderella, but I’m going to scrap that. Joane is likely the main character.


Status: Basic outline

This is the story of why the chief’s daughters were stolen. It is the story of a marriage alliance gone wrong, but love and faith gone right. It is the story of how the High Chief of Verlis married a secluded Dlinaati girl and renewed a war.

This is where Cinderella really belongs. Heavy twisting of motivations will ensue. Language barriers were still a problem back then.


Lady of Courage (Working title, it will change)

Status: First draft pretty much done

A gearpunkish, political fantasy/alternative history about a girl who inherits the throne and must marry. Only there aren’t any eligible and capable men around. Except that guy who trying to take over the whole region and is just a generally nasty person. Or maybe that person, but the council doesn’t like him. Or that guy, wait, why did he just die? And where are all the ships vanishing to?

Despite my light-hearted description, this book is actually more tragedy than comedy and will make people cry. Even me. Lovely characters are going to die.

Even More Nebulous Ideas

Many more stories set in the world of Lady of Courage. Some quite connected, others not at all. Perhaps some genre melding, with detective stories.


A portal fantasy dealing with the intersection of technology, magic, miracles, and evil. Details are classified.