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I’m going to Camp NaNo

Next month I’m doing camp NaNoWriMo. If you don’t know what that is you can visit the website:, or read my explanation.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (though I think it should be international). In the month of November people all over the world try to write a 50,000 word first draft. I have never done it. In the months of April and July there are smaller writing challenges where you set you own goal and these are called camps. if you wish you may be part of a small group of writers called a cabin that provide each other with accountability and encouragement.
I kicked off my first book by doing Camp NaNo July last year.My target word count was 18,000 and my final word count was 20,139. This time I’m aiming for 21,000 words, which is an average of 700 words per day.
Because of this I will be posting sporadically if at all next month. I’ll mostly likely put update on Facebook and Google+ every so often though and I’ll certainly tell you all about how I went at the end. If you like you can check on my progress here.
Aunt Valentina
I’m still working on my preparation for writing. The plot is thickening though, character connection and motivations are emerging and sometimes I feel like this story is going to be great. Yesterday I discovered that there has been a 5 year feud between tow of the realms and that Selvarrans are rather superstitious. Also Aunt Valentina is someone-else’s aunt as well. 
I don’t think I’ve introduced Aunt Valentina yet. She is Natalia’s uncles wife and one of those wealthy, overbearing, middle aged women, who seems to grumble about everything. Not that I’ve ever known of any people of that sort who weren’t fictional.
I hope you all have a lovely month, while I’m gone. Are any of you doing Camp NaNo?

I finally finished something.

In fact not just something, but the first draft of my first novel! Even though it’s terribly and will need extensive rewrites, I’m really excited. I’m done, for now.

Since I have written it all out longhand, I really don’t know what the word count is, but I estimate 76,000.Once I rewrite and edit it may be longer or shorter. I won’t being doing that for a couple of months though. I’ve seen recommendations to leave a book for a bit.

I finished on Sunday and the night before I had started freaking out a bit. ‘I’ve spent over 8 months working on this! Sure, I’d like to work on something else for a bit, but can I? can I really just stoping thinking about this enough to work on anything else?”

Yesterday I started my proper written planning of my next book. It’s going fairly well. I’m not having the adjustment problem I was afraid of. It’s still in the very early stages, nothing very concrete, no names or even appearances. If you want to know more, have a look at the ‘What I’m Writing‘ page.

I’m still a bit uncertain about what the title ought to be. Once I have other people look at it, I know I can get some advice, but for now I thought I’d have a poll.

  • Who to Trust
  • Girl of the Rumours
  • Maidens, Rangers and Brigands
  • Call of the Green Woods
  • Escaped from the Treehome
  • The Maiden and the Brigand
  • Dark-haired Girl
More polls: Free online poll

Of course some of them don’t fit so well, and most of you don’t really know exactly what the book is about, so I won’t just pick whichever one has the most votes, if you think you have any other good ideas or advice about starting a new novel, leave a comment.

Just a Little Writing Update

I did quite a bit of writing this last week. Especially since I was participating in one of Faith Blum’s Words Wars. The idea is to write as much as you can over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It went something like this:

Tuesday- The idea I thought of on Friday is no good.(what was it anyway) Brainstormed for new plot idea so that my story could actually go somewhere. Got some kind of idea.

Wednesday- Continued thinking and writing about aforesaid idea. Came up with another idea. It didn’t really fit. Scrapped it. Came up with another good idea that goes in a different part of the book. Interesting, but not really helpful.

Thursday: This idea is good. Wrote about 800 words. Left it in the middle of a scene at bedtime.

Friday: Continued writing for half a page. I am completely lost again. What will I do? Wrote for half a page about what I do and do not want to happen. Stared at the page. Listened to The Very Serious Writing Show. Read for a bit. Realized there was a scene I had forgotten to write. Wrote it despite not being sure where it was heading. Then I decided to skip ahead to something I know happens in the middle of the climax. Wrote the words, “They were surrounded.” Decided I don’t actually know enough about what’s going on. Didn’t continue. Wrote a scene that goes somewhere after the scene I last wrote and also where I got lost in the morning. Realized another scene goes in between. Wrote it. Continued on writing from there. End of day, almost 2,000 words.

Saturday: Very busy. Wrote one page in the evening. Someone knows something bad is about to happen. I’m in the beginning of the climax.  But I still didn’t know how it all fits together.
Sunday: Leisa, why aren’t you warning them that it’s a trap  and why instead of just telling them to go for some stupid reason. This is getting a bit boring. Someone should attack her. Wow, Leisa is actually fast enough and smart enough to deal with this guy. But I still didn’t know what the urgent danger is. Last chance for them to escape. Leisa finally blurts it out. Wow, that’s a great idea. I wrote,”Awesome description here. Lots of  foreshadowing back there.” Most romantic scene in the book. Stuff happens. They run to the plain. No, that doesn’t make sense it’s a canyon. It’s really late at night. Time to stop. I write the words, “They were surrounded.” About 1,500 more words done.

Monday- Counted my words, started writing a new description for the book. Wrote most of this post.

And I’m in the middle of the climax, so it shouldn’t be too long till I’m finished. Then I’ll set it aside for a bit before I get to the rewriting, editing, and revising. And of course typing it into the computer.

Now in case you’re thinking that some thing seems wrong with my maths, 3,327 is the final amount for the three days. However the amounts above are my estimates based on 200 words per page. It turns out I only write about 180 these days.

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