Brie never expected to be a writer.  Yes, you read that right. She wasn’t one of those children writing stories when they were only six. She doesn’t have chest full of old manuscripts. In fact she thought she hated writing. But what she did love was stories. Both reading them and imagining them around her. And that’s what got her here.

Brie lives in the rolling hills of south-eastern New South Wales with her parents and four brothers. Yes, four brother and she loves them all and considers them her best friends. Thanks for wondering. She attributes this happy state to being homeschooled and learning to do everything with them. Her younger brothers played along with every story she made up and contributed their own as well. Her older brothers helped widen her horizons and give input from their own reading experience.  As for Brie’s parents, her mum kept trying to help her write as well as teaching many other things, and her dad read Narnia to the family and taught her to think critically. They also provided a model for good parents in her own books. (The bad parents come from elsewhere.)

Brie started writing just after discovering there were homeschooled girls who had published books.  This was first as an attempt to fix the problems in popular stories. Fortunately this has turned into a desire to tell great stories of her own. Due to her voracious reading, it wasn’t hard to learn the basics and she hopes she’s learning the rest.

She writes fantasy because her stories tend towards characters and plots that couldn’t quite fit into our history. There’s elements inspired by history because that’s one of her loves. There’s also a lot of small scale adventures from growing up reading The Famous Five, The Sugar Creek Gang and similar books.